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Emotionally Focused Therapy

        EFT Externship    

Emotionally Focused Therapy  



Join EFT Trainer and international expert, George Faller, for the first level of Emotionally focused therapy training.  Come learn about the model that has the most empirical support of effectiveness in the history of therapy with couples and that APA calls "the gold standard" of couples therapy.  EFT is also highly effective with individuals and families.  Learn through interactive teaching, role play, and live session demonstrations qualifying for up to 28 CEU hours. 

  • What: EFT Externship
  • When & where: July 18-21, 2017; Fayetteville AR
  • Cost: $760 professionals, $510 students if pay by card,

$10 discount if pay by check; $750 professionals, $500 students

  • To Register:
  • For questions: email

*Register quickly as limited space is available, payment will reserve your spot


Participant Experience Quotes:

"As an experienced therapist, being trained in EFT helps me to see that I had been putting band aids on people's pain for 10 years, whereas now I feel like I'm actually being used to heal.  I no longer feel burned out and in the dark as I work with clients." Amy Butler, LPC, Springdale, AR


"The EFT trainings have transformed how I see my patients, how I value them, how I work with them, and how I facilitate change.  It’s impacted how I do therapy more than any other training has.  I now have a map and a way to work boots-on-the-ground, so to speak, not just with couples but also individuals.  The trainings aren’t merely about learning a cognitive framework of what makes us thrive and break down as people, but more importantly, they are about entering into that framework and leaning to facilitate connection that is life-altering, helping the clients experience themselves and their partners in a deeply connecting way.  The expert training, role-play, live sessions, video work and group interactions helped me to “try on” the model, to make it my own.  The friendships we’ve formed will remain vital professional and personal connections for a lifetime, I expect.  This is the most profound training I’ve ever gone through." Brian Fidler, LPC, Joplin, MO


"At the risk of sounding dramatic, I would say the EFT Externship was transformative for me.  George is a genius.  It was pretty invigorating to learn new ways that create a better environment for change in my sessions. As a newer therapist, I am so grateful to now have a direction to focus my energy and desire to learn more about my field and theory. Something I didn't anticipate was finding a community of therapists with whom I can continue to learn from and share our struggles and successes. Most things in life are better when shared." Jocelyn Peterson, LAC, LAMFT, Bella Vista, AR


“In starting our AREFT community there have been so many incredible training events.  The fruit has been powerful with therapists finding clarity and other therapists in the community quickly asking what we’re doing that’s creating such quality work.  EFT has systematized one of the most important and most difficult things in the world, intervening in high distress relationships - also informing work with individuals. What we didn’t expect is how much personal impact it's had. Virtually everyone who’s done our trainings walks away being challenged and inspired, as well as giving us a grid to understand and improve our own relationships better. We constantly hear feedback of what a positive impact it's had on the participant’s marriages, and comments about how a participant understands his/her own divorce or family challenge(s) for the first time.  It’s hard to put a price tag on that.  It's just been incredible to see the ripple effects in the community.  Several in our community now overtly look for EFT therapists only for referrals, and we have clients calling in now requesting EFT.  Never thought I would see that." Dr. Ryan Rana, LPC, LMFT, AREFT president