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There are a number of amenities provided for both exhibitors and visitors during the show.

Organizers’ Office:
This is located inside the hall on the first level and operational from 10.00 am Saturday 30th October 2010 through to 10.00 pm on Friday 5th November 2010

Show Hours
Show hours are 10:00 a m to 05 00 p m each day, with opening ceremony at 10 00 a m on Tuesday 2nd November 2010

There will be taxis available during the busy end of day period from the entrance to the halls.  Please contact the Organizers’ office for a list of taxi companies or refer to the show catalogue.

Helicopter Refueling:
The operations department will be on site for this service.  Please contact the Organizers’ office for further information.

Banks & Post office:
There is no bank in the premises. However an ATM is available by the exit door of the reception building.

Photocopying & Fax Service:
Please contact the Organizers’ office for services available.

Customs and Excise:
contact the organizers

Travel\Visa Support & Accommodation:
contact the organizers

Press Office:
A press office will be operational during the hours of the show located on same level as the Organizers’ office.  Exhibitors are invited to distribute their press releases through the press office and make use of the facilities for meetings and interviews with the media.

Public Address System:
A public address system will be in place for important announcements during the exhibition


A restaurant and refreshment stall will be operational on the premises during the time of the show.

Toilets are situated at the rear of the exhibition hall

Helicopter Tours:

Contact Organizers for arranging helicopter tours over Dubai.


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