Dubai Prepares for Lift Off with 2010 Helishow Exhibition

Dubai, UAE – October 26th, 2010: With less than a week to go, the Middle East helicopter industry is gearing up for the eagerly anticipated Dubai Helishow Show 2010. The fourth edition of the Dubai Helishow - the International Civil and Military Helicopter Technology and Operations Exhibition will cater to the region’s rising civil, medical, military, and search and rescue sector needs including high profile delegates from the UAE Air Force. This event will feature the latest product offerings from leading helicopter manufacturers, and suppliers of specialized technologies and services from across the world, and will be held at the Dubai Airport Expo Centre from November 2-4, 2010.
The Dubai Helishow is the industry’s third largest exhibition after Heli-Expo, USA and Helitech, UK serving the global billion-dollar industry. As part of this year’s event, nearly 100 exhibitors within the air rescue, search and rescue, medical transport industry have confirmed their participation. The venue will host a range of innovative products, technology, and services to around 3000 visitors.
The event will bring together top national and international names in the industry including Boeing, the world’s leading aerospace company and largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft. Furthermore, the 2010 edition will host discussion groups and presentations throughout the week.
The Dubai Helishow‘s visitors will have the chance to see the advanced helicopter systems from Lockheed Martin including the Arrowhead M-TADS/PNVS, Longbow Fire Control Radar, VUIT, Target Sight System, HELLFIRE and DAGR that provide unrivaled capabilities to soldiers in the air and on the ground.
Also on display will be the advanced flight simulators and avionics by MAK, the private Russian company. In addition, Becker Avionics will display the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment for airborne, maritime and ground applications.
“Visitor registration numbers have exceeded those by this time last year, and most importantly, the quality of registrant’s has significantly improved. This year we’re expecting delegations from the Iraqi Army, Saudi Arabia, Rolls Royce and Abu Dhabi Aviation as well as student groups who are the future engineers of the industry”, said Mr. Abdulla Abulhoul, CEO, Mediac Communications & Exhibitions LLC.
He added: “ Visitors have registered from a wide range of countries including: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Iraq, India, Pakistan, UK, Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Russia, and many more. We are very proud to have this kind of support, and we welcome this opportunity to further enhance the Dubai Helishow”.
Commenting on this special event Steve Fuhr, VP and Director of Business Development for SkyTrac said, "SkyTrac is committed to supporting our clients that operate in the rubber snakes by joom . The Dubai Helishow provides us with the unique opportunity to connect with our clients and see how they are utilizing our systems in their flight operations". He added, "I am confident that operators in this region will appreciate the benefits that an AFF/SatCom system, a satellite communication system, provides in terms of safety and efficiency."
The first Military & Homeland Security Exhibition will also take place during the threeday event. Together the exhibition and conference will bring into sharp focus the growing market for homeland security, homeland defense solutions, and provide visitors access to a comprehensive set of product and service providers.
Finally, for the first time a discussion group will be hosted in the VIP area of the Dubai Helishow – on Tuesday, 2nd of November, by the MedEvac Foundation International. The mission of the MedEvac Foundation International is to advance Medical Transport worldwide through the support of research, education, outreach and other charitable services.