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Following the successful launch of the first ever regional Aeromed Exhibition & Conference in 2008 the second edition of the Dubai Air Medical & Rescue Show will once again take place alongside the well established Dubai Helishow - the international Civil & Military Helicopter Technology & Operations Exhibition.  
The growth of international health care needs has spurred the evolution of the air medical and rescue services in the Middle East utilizing private, medically equipped, fixed wing and rotary aircrafts.  With vast vistas of unexplored deserts and local coastal areas, the Middle East region demands the use of helicopters during emergencies and natural disasters to reach places where vehicle access is limited in order to provide first aid and fly patients to the nearest hospital. There is also a growing private transfer market creating its own demands for specialized interiors and services.
With the continuing development of the air medical and rescue sector the next event will focus on the technologies and services involved while transporting patients to hospital or safety via air.  Additionally, there will be the opportunity to demonstrate the crucial role that air transportation plays in transferring patients when other modes of transportation by land or sea would prove difficult and risky.

Press Releases
Date Title Attachment
28 - Oct - 2010 Dubai Helishow Press Release 3 - English 25.10.10
13 - Oct - 2010 Dubai Helishow sets the platform for new strategies and improved helicopter air ambulance safety
21 - Apr - 2010 Transcranial Ultrasound in Medical Helicopters
19 - Nov - 2008 Dubai Air Medical Post Show Release
29 - Sep - 2008 Dubai Air Medical & Rescue Show 2008

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